Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Look back... The good old days

Some very fond memories involving the early adoption of plex and some great friends and colleagues at one of the UK's Plex evangelists.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Trigger Performance

After a month or two back and forth with CA support about the poor performance overhead of YTRIGGER vs a TRGFUN being declared on the physical file.  You should know that I provided lots of feedback and upfront documentation of the issue with detailed analysis of exactly where the issue manifests itself etc.

CA come back with this.

"I have discussed this issue with SE and they confirm that there is nothing further they can currently do to improve Trigger performance beyond that which has already been achieved. 

Further performance improvements would require a redesign of processes within CA 2E and are therefore a product enhancement. So the next step would be if you could raise this enhancement request to Trigger processing on the CA 2E online community. 

This will allow other CA 2E users to comment and gives Product Management customer feedback on the requirement. "

So reading between the lines as I concluded as follows:-

Lee we are happy that the code is working as designed and we are not really sorry that our design means your process runs 700% slower using YTRIGGER than if you declared the 2E trigger individually. 

As you said in your response you'd do your own workaround if performance of YTRIGGER cannot be improved (or we won't improve it), we decided to make you jump through more hoops and ask that you spend more time putting it on a 2E forum (enhancements page - that hardly anyone reads) in the hope that people will +1 it and give it some priority.  Even though we have all the information we need to do so ourselves.

This gives us several years to ignore this improvement and we can continue to charge you $30k per annum for mediocre support and channel this profitability into other CA products that you do not use.

Thanks for nothing CA.
I'll implement the workaround.